Rachel White

Technologist, Artist, Pretend-Cyborg

loveless [at] gmail [dot com]

Rachel White is a technologist, artist, and pretend-cyborg who is currently the Developer Experience Lead at American Express, member of the Node.js Community Committee, and co-host of the Changelog podcast JSParty. She is interested in new uses for old hardware, useless robots, VR/AR/MR, and bots. She has spoken internationally about Node.js, JavaScript, Creative Coding, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, NodeBots, and hardware. She's a previous artist in residence at Pioneer Works where she worked on a series that visualized what modern cybernetic augmentation could look like with todays hardware and special effects makeup. Her other interests include glitch art, 80s horror, and indie games. Her aesthetic is fog machines, laser lights, and broken VHS tapes.

She’s always looking for new opportunities to connect with people in areas related to open source, developer outreach & education, and new innovations in art and tech. She loves talking to other developers about their own personal projects, and helping new speakers workshop talk ideas. Or maybe you just want to say hi! If so, contact her at loveless [at] gmail [dot] com



I am currently looking for speaking engagements for 2018


NodeConf Tokyo - November 2017

NodeConf EU - November 2017 [video]

*keynote* Node Interactive - October 2017 [video]

Strange Loop - September 2017 [video]

Web Unleashed - September 2017

Node Summit - July 2017

DinosaurJS - June 2017

WeRISE Women in Tech - June 2017

RevolutionConf - June 2017

SmashingConf Jam Sessions - June 2017

JSConf EU - May 2017 [video]

Penguicon - April 2017

Women Techmakers Montreal - April 2017

MVR 2.3 - March 2017

JS NYC - February 2017

SeattleJS - February 2017

ManhattanJS - January 2017

BuzzJS - January 2017

QueensJS - December 2016

Node Interactive US - November 2016 - [video]

Nodevember - November 2016 - [video]

Node Interactive EU - September 2016 [video]

NordicJS - September 2016 - [video]

CascadiaJS - August 2016 - [video]

Node Summit - July 2016

Dinosaur JS - June 2016 - [video]

JSConf Budapest - May 2016 - [video]

Amazon WebDevCon - April 2016

Brooklyn JS - December 2015

Node Interactive US - December 2015 - [video]

JSConf Last Call - December 2015 - [video]

DHTMLConf 2000 - December 2014 - [video]

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