Rachel White

Technologist, Artist, Pretend-Cyborg

Rachel White is a technologist, artist, and pretend-cyborg who is currently a Technical Evangelist at Datadog. Previously at American Express, Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe. She is interested in new uses for old hardware, useless robots, VR/AR/MR, and bots. She has spoken internationally about Node.js, JavaScript, Creative Coding, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, NodeBots, and hardware. She's a previous artist in residence at Pioneer Works where she worked on a series that visualized what modern cybernetic augmentation could look like with todays hardware and special effects makeup. Her other interests include glitch art, 80s horror, and indie games. Her aesthetic is fog machines, laser lights, and broken VHS tapes.

She’s always looking for new opportunities to connect with people in areas related to open source, developer outreach & education, and new innovations in art and tech. She loves talking to other developers about their own personal projects, and helping new speakers workshop talk ideas. Or maybe you just want to say hi! If so, contact her at loveless [at] gmail [dot] com

New Blog

I guess launching a blog on 4/20 is a funny thing to do, although it just so happened that it's sort of an accident. Today is when I finished updating my site to use eleventy & moved from digital ocean to Netlify. So hi! Hello. I'm going to write technical posts here, and whatever else I want I guess.