How to get around Airport Wi-Fi Limits

This is for OSX and Linux based machines only.

I always get to the Airport early when I fly just because I don’t like to rush and being able to sit at my gate knowing I won’t have to worry about hurrying to catch a plane is comforting when dealing with all that goes along with traveling.

Most airports have complimentary Wi-Fi now, which makes the wait even more bearable — with the exception of the time limits for how long you can use it.

Luckily I found a super easy way to get around it!

Long story short, the free Wi-Fi is determined by your MAC Address, which is unique identifier for your physical network interface.

All you need to do is trick the Airport Wi-Fi into thinking you’re a new computer, and you can use the free service over and over again. Here’s how:

There’s a wonderful npm package called ‘spoof‘ which spoofs your MAC address for you, but there are a few steps to take to get it up and running.

  1. First you have to install node.js
  2. Once node is installed, open Terminal and install spoof from npm.
    sudo npm install spoof -g
  3. Now that spoof is installed, you’re ready to spoof the address. However, you don’t need to do this until the time limit is up. Once the time limit is up, open up an incognito window so you can access the Wi-Fi gateway again once you change your address.
  4. Once you’re ready type
    spoof list

    to see the list of your active network devices, you are looking for your Wi-Fi, which most likely looks like this:


  5. Now that we know which MAC address we need to use, in the case (and most Macs) it’s en0, we’re ready to spoof it. Type the following into the terminal using which device you need.
    sudo spoof randomize en0
  6. Confirm the address has changed by typing
    spoof list
  7. Now you’re ready to get back onto the airport wifi, your network connection should have dropped so you need to reconnect by choosing it from your Wi-Fi list, then open up that incognito browser and type in any url which should redirect you to the same connection gateway you reached the first time you connected.
  8. Enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi, every time you get kicked off just repeat this process.


  • Jason Rhodes

    Nice! I hadn’t heard of spoof–you could use that to more easily give your AppleTV wi-fi access in a hotel, etc. Thanks for the write-up. :)

    • RachelNicoleWhite

      Yup! I used it to use my wii in a hotel a few weeks ago!

  • Erick Jones

    Spoof it! Nice!

  • Abdou N.

    Nice tutorial!

    Just curious, are there any major advantages in installing spoof over running
    ” sudo ifconfig en0 ether xx:xx:xx:xx “

    • RachelNicoleWhite

      Less typing 😎
      Easier to reset afterwards.

  • christopheral

    Probably should add hotels to this list. Super great article, thank-you.

    • RachelNicoleWhite

      Do hotels do ‘free’ wifi with time lengths? I’ve never came across one that did. Only pay per access, which I don’t think this would work in that situation.

  • Studiosi

    This is highly illegal, but awesome trick.

  • vageli

    I’ve used a similar trick to get my chromecast on hotel wifi (since you can’t navigate a captive portal on chromecast).