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i'm a front end engineer & live in brooklyn with two black cats & spend my spare time making fun things.

i'm into video games, horror, and retro synth-y music.

if you want to get a hold of me you can find me on twitter at @ohhoe or email me at

sometimes i speak at conferences, here are some places and talks i've given

DHTMLConf 2000 - December 2014 - I'm Kind of a Big Deal on the Internet

JSConf Last Call - December 2015 - Internet of Cats

Node Interactive US - December 2015 - Internet of Cats

Brooklyn JS - December 2015 - Internet of Cats

Amazon WebDevCon - April 2016 - Internet of Cats

JSConf Budapest - May 2016 - Internet of Cats

Dinosaur JS - June 2016 - JavaScript as Play